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Why? [Piano Improv] Why? [Piano Improv]

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Hello Sir...

I was looking out onto the skyline today, and I thought, "Why must we empty our anger out onto the skyline?" That thought has resonated throughout this entire piece. I also play piano, maybe even to challenge your skills, but that's neither here nor there. Recently I have started questioning myself... my motives... my flaws. I've started to question the acts that I witness around me. I've started to see past the mirage of smiling faces and open arms. We've started to go in a path drawn out for us. Yet with this being said, not one person will do anything. So with this rant spewed onto your music, I just want to say one thing. You have a talent. Don't do anything with it that you don't want to. At that point... the talent is a curse....

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Echo Of Neglect Echo Of Neglect

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


You have gotten an approval by Mythicman95. These are few and far between. An approval means that there is so little wrong, that it did not deserve criticism.
PS: I feel this song personally. I tend to study others and develop an image of life. This piece sounds not as much empty, as a melodic verse applying human nature with a touch of sage root. I can honestly say that I will download this and use it as my personal imagery song for a while. I may also be interested in doing a compaliation later on. This is one of the first reviews that I can say that I fully enjoyed. Oh, and before I forget... I would try to keep the solos of any dismal song limited to two ocatve runs at most. But either way, great job.

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Birdinator99 responds:

Well, I'm really glad you liked it, and using it for the purpose you mentioned sounds interesting. I often myself find songs that I feel are representative of myself or my journeys, but it never quite makes sense in the long run; probably because I keep changing as a person!

Oh well, at least that keeps things interesting.

Sorry about the solo -- I should have considered how far up the piano roll I was going :3

Thanks for your kind words, and for stopping by!

Zelda Oot Compilation Zelda Oot Compilation

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Legit Stuff Here

But on to that critique.
I give this an 8 based on the fact that it's really good. As a composer, I realize that it get's a bit strenuous putting so many parts together, but I feel that some really good opportunity arose for you to take effect of some instruments that you did. For instance, in many of the places such as 1:40, there was a great chance for a complete entrance crescendo with the strings building up double octaves with 16th notes. It would be a great way to build Lon Lon up by the middle and then have it die out before the end. I really enjoyed the Lost Woods section due to the use of Percussion. You made sure that they were doing something, and at the perfect place. However, the strings get cut off too swiftly and the build ups with the low brass are horrific. Too loud for my taste. For the last section of the Lost Woods, simply too loud. Enough said. Drop down to a mf for that section. There is only one flaw that I could find in the Song of Storms, and that was that the flutes really could have shown through. Other than that, this was my personal favorite. Ganon's Theme really could have used either less percussion or more. And at the beginning, you should have added a low gutteral noise with a Tuba or such. Temple of Time gets a solid B+, simply sounding easier exempting the solo. Once more on Zelda's Lullaby, the entrance could have been one flute. No reason to be fair here. Excellent use of percussion, and French Horns could have come out a little more than they did. I would have enjoyed hearing the entire piece, but I am very impressed. (4/5)
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HexMonkey responds:

Thank you very, very much for the wonderful review. There are a lot of parts I'm not really happy with and you gave some great advice. I'll make sure to incorporate them into future works I may do. Thanks again :)

~Dragonfly Clouds!~ ~Dragonfly Clouds!~

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Not an Actual Review. Well... sorta. :3

I am in need of a video theme song for a series I'm doing. Would you be interested in this? I'm going to send you a message regardless, but I know it feels cool to be asked in public ;)
It just happens that this is exactly what I need.

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Atundra responds:

hahaha no worries man, I don't know how this song is still getting views aye

Tetris Update (NES Music) Tetris Update (NES Music)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good News! It doesn't suck!

Bad news... I have to critique it now. I don't know what sample you're using, but the volume peaks way too many times. Also, at 00:20 the entrance is very loud, and does a mediocre job of mixing in with the back beat. And lastly, the ending effect sound, I'm guessing an orchestral hit, is out of place with the full idea of Tetris. But other than this, it is okay.
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Jordach responds:

Sometimes, all mistake are human errors. We can't all help that. Nor can distortion. I'll fix it. I have the old project file and re-do it sometime. Also when you have awesome sized headphones, I could not tell as they reduce volume peaks.

Stairway to Heaven [Blizzard] Stairway to Heaven [Blizzard]

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I Love You

I spent a week learning this by ear, sounded very similar. I then had a week to perfect it for our talent show. I beasted, but I also was acompanied by a saxaphone and flute in certain sections. The solo was close to impossible at first, so I definitely understand your position there. Long story short, it's good to hear someone else learned it on the piano. :)

Electric-Blizzard responds:

zOMG I love you too! We must have that in common. I actually tried to play the solo from the vkgoeswild version, but couldn't, so I looked up sheet music, and still couldn't, so then I simplified it and played it by ear. Thanks for the review!

Melodica (2011 Electronica) Melodica (2011 Electronica)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Here's ya Critique :]

Make sure that everything that you read here you understand, and if you do not, simply send me a message. I understand the need for critique which is why I'm doing this. I think that this song is a great song START. One thing that I felt was needed was a sense of background theme. Despite the evident House feel, it came as though you were showing a picture of a town, but had yet to populate it with the unique civilians. Even House beats have that feel of a quiet story. That's what makes them so popular as use for action scenes in videos and what not. The viewer(or listener) wants that idea that the emotions of the characters are coming out through song. What you have given here, is only a blank face :|
I made immediate notice of the sidechaining, which was placed well. But until you have fully realized the potential of every type of song, you cannot fully put it into play. In the area of EQ, don't be afraid of some simple bass at all times. During certain parts of this piece, it felt as though it were a gut-wrenching fall off of a cliff, instead of the brave, well placed jump. Please take this review and use it to shape your future compositions.
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Give me feedback! Mythicman95

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Crashride responds:

Great review! I understand your point of view and I'll continue to work on those aspects.

Spirit - WIP Spirit - WIP

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It reminds me of a realistic take on a Sonic the Hedgehog tune. I tip my hat.

zeyta responds:

Thank you, sir. :)

Sporatic Intervention V2 Sporatic Intervention V2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My Kind of Song

At first I started to review this as a 9 star review. It then hit me as I clicked the ninth star that what I just used to decimate another review, you actually cleared up in this. It invloves a mixture of Chorus Flanges and Sweep Echos. Now don't get me wrong, there are improvments hiding out in here, but overall I would buy an album.

Things to Fix(However hard they were to find):

You need the mixture of rythems. It's nice to hear a nice duplex rythem of a set and the music, but you can also transform a song from one, to two seperate entities. Allow for another pattern to branch out of the first. It adds a nice touch. Also, I couldn't help to notice that you had selected a wide variety of tones and noises. Bravo I must say. However, in a single piece of music, the listener needs to be approached with a layout. He/She should feel the tension of the song, almost as if they were watching a battle unfold. Visualize in your mind that very scene and then try to depict it in music.

Now I must leave you, but please respond if I helped, considering it was difficult to actually pick out a few things. Thank you and have a nice day. Mythicman95

Smackster responds:

Sorry I just now got around to responding but thanks alot for this review, this is the kind of insight I need to help improve my works. I see what you're saying for approaching the listening with a layout, I honestly shoot for that kind of thing just when I came up with this song I could not figure out a decent way to link most of it together so I ended up getting frustrated with it. I just went "And I'm done." and then posted it so I could move onto something else. But I'll keep what you said in mind, thanks again man.

Visionary [Original Mix] Visionary [Original Mix]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I HATE IT! Just Kidding!

It's alright but an idea for the future is to make different tracks for different effects. I couldn't really get into the music because you waved every effect on the song. Now I do know that it is a harder task to do this, but it doesn't hurt at all to take that time needed. And also, being quite a musician, offbeats are cool. It's what makes music, but if an entire section is filled with the blasted things, it just goes confusing :P But overall it is quite a piece. I hope you take these ideas, but try to mix them with both your taste and a new style. Always try something new.

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